Galerie Louis Vuitton

In May 2016 during my week long fashion group tour, I was introduced to the lovely Paula Alaszkiewicz, the assistant curator of the private Louis Vuitton museum (curator Judith Clark). Not to be confused with the Fondation Louis Vuitton, this is a small archival museum telling the story of the brand and the history of Louis Vuitton. She was kind enough to not only arrange for us to visit the museum but toured us herself through the two story permanent exhibit built in 2015. 

The museum, as I mentioned, is private (as in not open to the general public) and was really created as an opportunity for the staff, special clients, and press to discover the rich history of the brand. We were so lucky to get to see this beautiful gallery and have Paula there to answer our many questions. When it first opened it was available to the public by special appointment but at the time of this writing it is not. Keep your eyes peeled for it though, as they have said they plan to re-open it to the pubic in the future.

I was able to write a little blurb about the museum for the Bombardier private jet magazine, Experience for their Must Have section.

Fall 2016 issue of Experience Magazine

Here are a few photos by my tour photographer, Chris Sattlegger, of the museum and it's amazing archives. Click on the photo for more information!