Testimonials from some of my favourite clients…

You make my life so easy!

Leah, I feel so lucky to work with you.
Since we started shopping together in 2012, I have had the luxury of not only a trusted second opinion on my wardrobe, but an expert’s eye, challenging the notion of “work wear” and suggesting fun options.
We’ve been able to expand a closet full of suits, to a closet full of outfits. The combinations are now endless and I’m spoiled for choice.
You know what suits me but also when it’s time to try something bold and different. Your understanding of image is fundamental to our working relationship, but your kindness and empathy during such intimate decisions, is fundamental to our friendship.
I never stand in my closet and think “I have nothing to wear” - instead it’s “What shall I wear?”, because I love every piece.
I trust you, I thank you - and I highly recommend you!
— Tara Nelson - 6O'clock Anchor, CTV news Calgary
Working with Leah was a game-changer for my business partner and I. (Debbie Muir – Co-founder, The Great Traits) We kept showing up at events and not knowing if we were overdressed, underdressed or miss-matched entirely. Leah took us out and helped us build a base foundation for a wardrobe. More importantly, she also gave us confidence and the knowledge to understand the principles of fashion. After one makeover session, years after, we can still add interesting, fun elements that allow both of our personalities to shine but is always on-point when we arrive for an event.
— Mark Tewksbury - Olympic Champion Swimmer, Inspirational Speaker
Over the many years I was on Television I had the amazing opportunity of working with Leah in countless on-air appearances and print campaigns and she always found me the perfect pieces. Leah has a depth of knowledge as a stylist that runs so deep she would often find me clothes and pull together looks that I would never pick for myself, but love for years to come. Leah always listened to my needs and worked within my requests but brought her own vision to the table and enhanced my overall personal style. She is truly passionate about the art of fashion and brings so much expertise to her craft, you always know you’re in the most capable hands when working with her. I would highly recommend Leah to anyone who wants to update their wardrobes and elevate their style as she has one of the most discerning eyes in the business.
— Aisling Tomei - Television host, Emcee, PR consultant
Over the past 18 months Leah has been helping me with closet edits, packing for events and styling for specific shoots. I have come to appreciate the system by which Leah has organized my closet and how it has become effortless to put together a complete outfit efficiently.

Leah is resourceful and knowledgeable when it comes to styling. She has explained to me many times the versatility of certain pieces of my wardrobe which are now better utilized in my dressing. Having a keen eye and extensive experience with textiles Leah has taught me to care for my clothing to make pieces last while actually wearing them regularly rather than have them hanging in my closet.
— Katrina Olson - President of the Canadian Fashion Film Festival, Canifff